Linksys extender setup

How to reset the Linksys Extender?

A Linksys extender may progressively improve your Wi-Fi signal at home and provide high-speed internet access even in the covert laboratory that was built beneath your house. You may already have the extension set up and have been using it for a while.

However, if you are reading this post, it is likely that you have run into a problem that cannot be fixed by any troubleshooting advice and that you have no other option except to perform a Linksys extender Setup reset.

So, in this article, we’ll examine a sneaky technique for resetting the Linksys extender Setup in order to fix all of its issues and restore it to its factory settings. But before we do that, let’s look at some of the issues that might be bothering you.

How to reset linksys extender?

Every time a user forgets his admin password and wishes to recover it, the Linksys wifi range extender should be factory reset. You can get your Linksys extender back after you reset it since this procedure wipes out all of your customised information, such as your password, user name, or SSID, and gets it ready for a fresh installation. You need a toothpick or a hard pin to reset your linksys extender

Linksys extender Setup can be reset in two different ways:

  • Hard Reset 
  • Soft Reset

The soft Linksys Extender Reset procedure is as follows:

  • Turn on your laptop or computer.
  • Open one of your preferred, most recent web browsers to access the Linksys extender setup page on your desktop or laptop.
  • To achieve this, join your desktop computer or laptop to the Linksys wifi range extender with an ethernet cable.
  • Type into your web browser’s address bar and press the enter key.
  • Enter the Linksys extender’s default login information on the setting screen for the Linksys wireless extender.
  • Go to the “Administration field” to reset your Linksys extender.
  • It is necessary to press the factory default reset button.

How to use the hard reset method to reset a Linksys extender?

  • Switch off all attached devices.
  • Verify that each connection on your Linksys range extender is broken.
  • Connect a power cable to allow your Linksys range extender to start up properly.
  • Allow each LED to become stable.
  • Hard reset requires a pin or paperclip with a pin-pointed tip.
  • On the Linksys extender setup, there is a reset hole. Put a pin or paperclip in the reset hole and hold it there for a short while.
  • When all the LEDs blink again, release the pin and pull it out of the hole.
  • The router can now be configured for a Linksys wireless extender.

Linksys extender: Typical issues

The following are some of the most straightforward and straightforward issues that you can be having with your extender:

  • You could be having trouble logging in or setting up your Linksys extension.
  • You might not be able to visit, and your network might not be able to either.
  • Your Linksys router may not be able to be configured properly, and you may be unable to set it up.
  • While attempting to connect several devices to your extender, it can exhibit certain issues.
  • The extender may prevent you from configuring the router.
  • It’s possible that you’re having trouble getting to your router’s setup page.
  • Your router’s password might have slipped your mind.
  • Even though you are connected to the extender, you might not be able to access the internet.
  • Only a Linksys extender setup reset can help if you are experiencing any of these issues and the troubleshooting techniques are simply ineffective for you. Furthermore, performing a factory data reset on your router is really simple and doesn’t require sugar, spice, and everything wonderful.

So let’s examine the detailed process for performing a Linksys extender reset.

Still having issues with Linksys Smart WiFi Setup after reset

Following the instructions below should help if you’re still having issues using or accessing the Linksys extender setup and login page after the reset:

  • Never connect your Linksys wifi range extender to a public hotspot.
  • You are using an outdated firmware version on your Linksys extension or installed WiFi router.
  • Keep your current router and Linksys WiFi extension in a well-lit area. Place the gadget far from any physical objects, including microwaves, concrete walls, doors, electronic equipment, and so forth.
  • Your Linksys smart WiFi setup may not be accessible if your web browser is outdated or overloaded. In order to avoid this, either update your web browser or remove all cookies and temporary files from your web browser and computer/laptop.
  • The two best methods for easily resetting your Linksys wifi range extender are thus these two. We genuinely hope that your Linksys extender reset issues are resolved as a result of our efforts. Contacting one of our experts is a good option if the issue continues.


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