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Increase Returns by 3X Following these Dos and Don’ts for SMS Marketing

You might agree that almost every business is well acquainted with the effectiveness of text messaging in business. In this mobile age, firms are more after text messaging than emails.

Rather than just limiting themselves to sending and receiving Salesforce text messages, firm send text from salesforces have started using messages creatively to nurture their relationships with customers, retain them, and increase returns.

But often, SMS marketing pursuits fail to turn out as they should. And this could be due to a lack of the correct approach.

Say you have built an extensive database, segmented your audiences, created well-defined SMS marketing campaigns, and used the best solution for Salesforce messaging.

Despite all this prep work, there are many things and execution that you haven’t considered yet, which could hamper your SMS marketing returns adversely.

Before hitting the send button, there are various aspects that you must consider to turn your ordinary marketing campaigns into extraordinary ones. And this is where the entire marketing game changes.

No matter what medium you are using to market your business offerings, there are always some best practices that set your business communication apart and help you to obtain better returns.

So, here are some do’s and don’ts of text marketing following which you can increase your return significantly. Plus, you can steer clear of some blunders and mistakes.

Dos of SMS Marketing

Customer Consent Matters

Can you drive positive responses from customers by annoying them?

Of course not.

But this could be the scenario when you start sending messages to them without their consent.

No matter how good SMS marketing campaigns you have designed, if prospects and customers are not willing to receive messages from your brand, this could annoy them.

So your primary approach should be to acquire the consent of your potential customers. Otherwise, it could lead to legal actions and financial penalties instead of giving you good returns.

Sending random marketing messages without customers’ consent makes them unwanted.

Therefore, your marketing messages lose their impact no matter how valuable your messages are.

Brevity is Important

You might be aware that the character limit for one SMS segment is 160 characters.

So, while strategizing for SMS marketing campaigns, the SMS character limit should be top of your mind. This will help you create an impactful message without exhausting the character limit.

Messages overloaded with words might scare or turn ambiguous for your readers.

On the contrary, when brevity is missing in your marketing messages, your text can consume more than one SMS segment, which increases your SMS bill.

Also, sometimes when you send long messages consisting of multiple segments, they do not reach in the same order as you have decided. As a result, messages lose their essence and impact.

Hence, keep your SMS marketing campaign messages concise and clear.

Try wrapping up your messages in the allotted space, which is 160 characters. This will help audiences to consume the content faster and in a transparent way without ambiguity.

Personalized Messages Make Profound Impact

No one is interested in knowing what your brand is doing. What is there for them? They are more interested in learning this instead.

When you send text from Salesforce that is too generic and doesn’t address the need of the customer, such messages are less impactful.

Your messages should deliver some value that matters to them the most, and they should feel the message is specifically for them only.

For tailored Salesforce messaging, it is essential to know your customers deeply and understand their behavior and preferences. Based on the collected data, you can segment your audiences for tailored and targeted marketing and remarketing.

More importantly, when offered some time-bound value, prospects and customers tend to take action faster.

For example, when you offer a discount valid for a limited period, people are more likely to buy within the specified time frame. This helps you drive sales faster.

Don’ts of Text Marketing

Don’t Forget To Introduce Yourself

What is the point when your audiences don’t even know which brand is marketing?

Prospects and customers’ inboxes are often inundated with various brand and marketing messages.

Amidst all, only those messages succeed in capturing the audience’s attention that are well drafted, valuable, and clearly define their identity.

Audiences usually have a short attention span, and you must highlight your brand as quickly as possible before the audience’s attention diverts.

Otherwise, your audiences will fail to recognize and relate business information to your brand.

So, as the best SMS marketing practice, do not forget to introduce your brand. You can mention your brand name at the start of the text message or use a custom sender ID with your brand name.

This will help you improve brand recall and maximize responses from customers.

Avoid Sending Long URLs

In various situations, marketers have to send text from Salesforce embedding URLs

to convey detailed information.

But URLs in texts can hamper SMS marketing returns when not used prudently.

When you send long URLs, it exhausts your SMS character limit and splits text into multiple segments.

This leads to an increased usage of SMS segments and SMS bills. Besides, long URLs look old-fashioned and spammy to receivers, making URLs appear suspicious. Thus, recipients are less likely to click on such URLs. So, always avoid adding long URLs in the text.

Even in terms of shortened URLs, carriers are more likely to block messages when you shorten URLs using a public URL shortener.

Therefore, always try to get a service provider that provides a native URL-shortening service or allows you to send custom-branded shortened links.

Don’t OverLook Message Timings

Whenever you send text from Salesforce for marketing purposes, you should always be considerate about message timings. We all are familiar that text messages have a 98% open rate.

But do you think your audiences will open up text when they receive it at an unusual time, like at night?

Obviously, not. They are more likely to avoid messages received at an unusual time.

And for better returns, it is essential should read your messages.

Apart from this, message timings play a vital role when you use Salesforce messaging to drive a time-sensitive action through your messages.

For example, if a recruitment company wants to communicate about a walk-in to candidates, sending a text a week before the walk-in might not be as effective as sending a text on the same day.

The possibility is pretty high that candidates may forget about a walk-in.


No matter what business operation you perform, there are always correct and incorrect ways to do it. Implementing the right ways helps you to obtain better outcomes than you expect from your SMS marketing.

Conversely, wrong ways lead to granular mistakes, which can adversely affect your marketing returns. With the right knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of SMS marketing, you can follow the best practices whenever you send text from Salesforce and make your Salesforce sms more constructive. This helps you add value to your customers through your messages and improve responses by eliminating common mistakes that your competitors might make while running SMS marketing campaigns. And you can easily set your brand apart and gain a competitive edge.

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