Mattress Guide For Sleepers With Back Pain

People with chronic or acute back pain love to rest in bed frequently; thus, the mattress needs to be super comfortable. If the poor quality mattress is there, it will increase the risk of back pain and spinal alignment.

Having a relaxed sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours is good. This is only possible with a good bedroom environment and cozy bed. Eventually, falling asleep is also easy if you are stress-free and have a healthy daily regime.

If you suffer from lower back pain syndrome or serious spinal alignment issues, don’t strain your body. Have a comfortable mattress and adapt good sleeping position too. Quality sleep is a must for people with back pain and muscular stiffness. Thus pick a mattress that is of high quality.

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Soft Mattress Vs. Hard Mattress For Back Pain:


Soft Bed or Mattress: Back pain is often caused if your bed is soft as it lets you sink into the mattress, which fails to keep body posture neutral. This is not good for lower back pain, as it causes a whole night an uneven discomfort and strain on the body.

Thus don’t go for a soft or cushion mattress if you have back pain. Just go with a good quality mattress allowing support to the back. Get a medium firm mattress to goodbye back pain problems.

Hard Bed or Mattress: Of course, a poor choice of mattress is a hard bed for sleepers with back pain. It can make the experience more stiffness and chronic issues in the spine. Therefore, buy a medium-firm mattress to give the body maximum comfort and support, as it adjusts naturally with body curves.

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Sleeping On Aged Mattress? Is That Dangerous For Spine?

Obviously, poor quality or aged mattresses can cause many health issues like skin allergies, breathing problems, back pain, pressure points, etc. As the density of the mattress changes with years of use so might feel stiffness in your back, shoulders, and neck in the morning, you wake.

Therefore if you have been sleeping on a mattress for over seven years, change it. Typically a mattress aged between 7 to 10 years is guaranteed durability and comfortability. Still no chance to change your mattress, toss your old mattress to get bounciness and comfort back for a long time.

This will help you sleep sound and healthy for more time and give your body reliable support. The suggested point is you should always buy a mattress according to your comfort needs, body weight, height, and age.

The Best Mattress For Sleepers With Back Pain:


There are specific mattresses for sleepers with back pain issues; if you make the investment in any of them, that suits your pocket. Some can be soft, or some can be hard; ideal to have a medium-firm mattress to relax your back pain. However, you can pick any from the below-mentioned mattress types;


  1. Natural Latex Mattress: Buying a natural latex mattress will give good comfort and support to back pain sleepers. It’s highly bouncier and adjustable according to body shape.
  2. Memory Foam Mattress: This mattress is always good to give the body comfort, softness, and flexibility.
  3. Hybrid Mattress: I highly recommend a type of ortho mattress. This is great to give the body reliable support and comfort as a blend of two high-quality mattress materials.
  4. Air Mattress: This type of mattress give you the desired level of firmness and comfort, which is great for relieving body aches and back pain.
  5. Innerspring Mattress: Sleepers with back pain can have a bounce feel mattress like this to comfort their back pain.


The Bottom Line:


If you want to buy a mattress this monsoon season, why don’t you check for Sleepwell Nexa and other mattress options by brand? Yeah, it’s an excellent mattress to give you maximum comfort and evenly weight distribution.

If you have back pain (chronic or acute), a high-quality memory foam mattress like Nexa is best. It also gives the body excellent support and feather-soft comfort. Visit the nearest Sleepwell Mattress Distributor in Noida and catch the best options for your budget and comfort needs. Check for good Mattresses in Noida and NCR locations to pick the best to cure your body aches, back pain, and muscular stiffness.

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