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10 Ways to Prepare for the Challenges of Writing a PhD Dissertation

Writing a PhD dissertation has challenges that might affect the performance and productivity of a PhD student. This article will present you with a list of all potential dissertation writing challenges. You can read through them, analyze if you are facing any of the same problems, devise a strategy that can eliminate all risks, and get your desired grades in your dissertation.

What are the 10 Ways to Prepare for the Challenges of Writing a PhD Dissertation?

Following are the challenges of writing a PhD dissertation that you might have been facing:

  1. Selecting the right topic
  2. Formatting and documentation
  3. Time management
  4. Finding relevant literature
  5. Finding data
  6. Formulating a suitable dissertation statement
  7. Software
  8. Grammatical errors
  9. Trouble in writing a dissertation proposal
  10. Failure to present aims and objectives clearly

Let’s discuss these challenges and their solutions in detail now.

  1. Selecting the right topic

Firstly, you will face trouble while choosing a topic for your dissertation. It becomes challenging to select a topic that isn’t too wide or too narrow for your research; otherwise, it will take a lot of time, effort, and energy to cover the topic completely.


You can ask for the recommendations of your supervisor on what topic you should choose for dissertation writing. Apart from it, you can also get expert advice from an online PhD dissertation help service.

  1. Formatting and documentation

Formatting and documentation issues cause a lot of trouble for PhD students. Every institute has an unmistakable control style to organise the thesis and a definite set of formatting rules to follow during the dissertation writing process. You will need to write your paper in specific citation styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard etc.


It would be best to consider all the formatting requirements while writing a PhD dissertation. Read all the instructions your institute provides carefully and adhere to such guidelines while writing your papers.

  1. Time management

Time management is the most important issue you may face between topic selection and completing your dissertation. Figuring out how to adjust your time to accomplish everything that needs to be done is a test that only one out of every odd understudy is prepared to pass. In any case, writing a PhD dissertation will always be a tedious task for you.


You should divide the sections of your dissertation by the number of days available to you, as it will make completing your dissertation easier. You can also consider UK’s best dissertation writing agencies, such as The Academic Papers UK, to write impeccable dissertations for you.

  1. Finding relevant literature

The Literature Review section provides extensive research of materials identifying the problems you are researching. It may examine hypotheses and distributed data and provide a verifiable appraisal and flow views relating to the research issue. It is usually a lengthy section of 15 to 30 pages. Most researchers, sadly, may use too many direct statements, write short synopses of articles, or communicate their feelings in this segment, preventing the understudy from demonstrating their insightful abilities.


While writing the literature review, remember that the writing survey allows you to provide evidence to back up your claims and demonstrate your understanding of the research topic. Furthermore, you must provide references for all material used in this segment. Writing a PhD dissertation will become significantly easy if you overcome this challenge.

  1. Finding data

Another issue you might face is locating relevant data to support your research question. Nothing is more demoralising than realising you don’t have the relevant data to back up your claims after arriving at the approach segment. To avoid this, ensure that all the information you intend to use is available from secondary sources.


For your paper, you can use either primary or secondary data. Make use of primary data. You can collect it through polls, phone meetings, or centre gatherings, which require some investment and money. To improve the precision of your investigation, ensure that you create the appropriate sample size. Using insights from other sources, such as government offices, non-legislative associations, and telecom organisations is optional data. It will help you greatly in finding relevant data for your dissertation.

  1. Formulating a suitable dissertation statement

A dissertation statement is possibly the most important part of the paper because it expresses your research motivation. It should be easily debunked, which implies that it should attract opposing assessments. Your theory must not be based on an acknowledged articulation, regardless of how you view it.


Formulate a suitable dissertation statement tailored to the requirements of your dissertation topic. It will help if you consider the following things while writing your dissertation statement:

  1. Specify and describe the research problem.
  2. Provide enough evidence of the existence of the research problem.
  3. Explain the outcomes of the research problem that doesn’t get solved.
  4. Narrate the less acknowledged factors about your dissertation problem.

These factors will help you formulate an amazing dissertation statement while writing a PhD dissertation.

  1. Software

When writing a dissertation, the software you use can be complicated. A surprising number of researchers advance to the doctoral level without understanding some of the more obscure standards of utilising a word-processing system like Microsoft Word. For example, many researchers have difficulty inserting a section break or organising an archive so that page numbering differs from one section to the next, following the school style’s requirements. Also, adjusting tables and figures to appear on the correct pages can be challenging.


It’s not a major issue; however, writing a unique thesis and delivering a print-ready final paper can become extremely perplexing. You will need to develop basic know-how of such software, and you’ll be good to go.

  1. Grammatical errors

If you are writing your dissertation in a hurry, it’s evident that you will commit many grammatical mistakes while writing a PhD dissertation. Your dissertation will have many contextual, stylistic and grammatical mistakes.


The simple solution is that you need to calm down and stay relaxed while writing a PhD dissertation. If this is not easy, you’ll need to hire a dissertation editor to remove and erase all sorts of errors from your dissertation.

  1. Trouble in writing a dissertation proposal

If you fail to identify the research prospects of a dissertation topic, writing an impeccable dissertation proposal will become a challenge.


You will need to perform constructive research and an in-depth study of facts and figures associated with the dissertation topic to write a perfect dissertation proposal. Apart from this, you can hire dissertation writing services to craft an exceptional proposal per your needs.

  1. Failure to present aims and objectives clearly

You will mess up with the process of presenting the aims and objectives of your dissertation if you don’t research your topic carefully. It happens due to unclear knowledge and a lack of technical knowledge regarding the chosen research problem.


It would help if you tried to resolve such issues by reviewing all your research objectives. You can consider stating the aims and objectives of your research in simple terms. You can also review past dissertations as a sample to observe how research aims and objectives are presented in a PhD dissertation.


These are a few challenges you’ll inevitably face while writing a PhD dissertation. We have mentioned the possible solutions to all of these problems. Generally, the dissertation writing process will be upsetting for you, but if you can manage the above listed problems, it will become significantly easy for you.

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