Signs You Should See a Gynecologist

Women often think that they should go to a gynecologist only when they are pregnant. Of course, they should go then. But before that too, there are times when females do not hesitate to visit  the ladies specialist hospital in gachibowli

Actually it is standard advice for women to talk with a gynecologist every year starting around age 15, to even get a complete annual exam beginning around age 21, and to get tested for cervical cancer every couple of years after that. But what if you experience issues in between such times and you don’t know about them? What if you are not simply visiting the gynecologists’?

Your vaginal symptoms might not require any sort of treatment. Or you might even have a mild infection that is convenient to treat. But in the absence of a gynecologists’ attention, even a mild infection can simply turn out to be a bigger problem. Similarly,  vaginal symptoms at times are a sign of more grave conditions. So, for your assistance, this post is going to tell you about quick symptoms and situations that shows you should meet a female specialist:

Immensely Painful periods

Monthly menstrual periods are quite uncomfortable for many women. Lower belly cramps, sore breasts, and even severe headaches can make those several days appear to last forever. But what if a period turns out to be even more sore, for a longer time? It could simply point to endometriosis (once extra tissue builds up in your uterus and triggers bleeding and swelling) or even fibroids (growths of cells and even tissue in the uterus). A gynecologist can simply diagnose such conditions and even help with a proper treatment plan.

Extensive Vaginal bleeding

It is quite normal for women to have spotting in the first couple months after starting certain birth control methods and even to experience heavier periods as they simply near menopause. But in case you have unexpected vaginal bleeding , for example, after menopause , then you must witness see a gynecologist to find out simply why. 

Beginning or resuming sex

Well, a gynecologist can make you aware of different risks that you should consider. For example, in case you are under 18 or even think you will have sex with more than a single person, then you have a huge risk of getting cancer from an HPV infection. You should know that HPV is the most common type of sexually transmitted virus. So, it is wise if you take assistance of the gynecologist to know about what is right and what you should be careful about.

You should know that certain types of sexually transmitted diseases even raise your possibilities of infertility and even cancer. A gynecologist is going to remind you of that risk in case you want to resume sex after proper treatment for the STD. While sec has to be fun and an intimate experience; it could become painful if you are not vigilant enough.

Issues Related to Breast 

A gynecologist may advise whether a new lump, even sensitivity, or discharge in your breast is cause for simply concern about cancer. Most of the time, such are the conditions that are not cancerous, mainly if you haven’t gone through the condition of menopause. The point is if you are experiencing anything that is not normal related to your breasts, talking to a gynecologist in the best women’s care hospital in gachibowli is the best thing to do.

Unusual Vaginal odour

Have you noticed any sort of a smell coming from your vagina that is specifically unpleasant? Or has your normal odour from that area altered in a way that isn’t so disagreeable but simply lasts for days? You must simply tell your gynecologist, even if the conversation makes you quite uneasy or uncomfortable. You could be dealing with bacterial growth or even a vaginal infection that requires proper prescription medication to cure. Sometimes, you do think that it is just ordinary but that is much more than that. So, be wise and careful about such things and let your doctor help you with it.

Experiencing Bumps and blisters

Well, in case you see or feel a bump in your vagina or any blister in or around your labia (the skin that folds around the vagina), then it is a good idea to contact a gynecologist. The bump might be no more than simply an ingrown hair, but it even could be a genital wart that is a tiny swelling caused by an STD. A small yet painful blister that disappears in a couple of weeks but simply returns might also be a lesion that accompanies genital type of herpes.

So, make sure that you are thoughtful and careful about all these things. If you experience any of things like this, you have to speak with your doctor immediately. You cannot simply take a risk. The point is your gynecologist is going to tell you whether the issue is minor or it is a condition that is going to need your careful attention for a long period.

Discomfort during having sex

This is another main thing that can be hard to discuss, but a gynecologist is quite familiar with the issue. Say you are experiencing dryness during the time of sex. If you are younger, your gynecologist can change your birth control prescription to include more of a sex hormone known as oestrogen. If you have already gone through menopause, your doctor could simply prescribe vaginal oestrogen or even recommend you different types of lubricants.


To sum up , you should go to the best hospital for women and ensure that you do not face these things alone. Let the experts help you with them and feel confident , healthy and safe with your body. After all, it could be little awkward for you to start a conversation about all these things with a gynaecologist but you should not forget that they are the experts in this profession and they know everything that you may wished to know about.

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