Thinking of buying the Apple iPhone but not sure if you should? Should you wait for something better to hit the market? There are some pros and cons to this new and extraordinary gadget that should be considered before purchasing it.

Why you should not buy the iPhone

The iPhone Apple iPhone 12 does have its flaws and disadvantages like many modern electrical devices. There are many articles on the internet giving copious amount of advice on why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone and as many outlining their faults. But here I will summarise some of the more important drawbacks the phone has.

  • In the USA you have to subscribe to a 2 year plan with AT&T at a price in which they decide and you may not like.
  • To activate the phone on another network outside the USA could possibly cause damage to the phone.
  • Apple uses 2.5g edge network so web browsing can be extremely slow.
  • Apple iPhone does not support flash so you will not be able to use some sites
  • There is a lack of applications and not all third party applications are supported by the iPhone .The only way you can install the applications is by hacking the phone.

Why you should by the iPhone

  • You can browse the web comfortably
  • Listen to music, it is said that the iPhone is the best for listening to tunes. Plus it will work with the hundreds of iPod speakers and other accessories.
  • Watch videos, or movies
  • Use it as a phone and the iPhone has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Some people believe that the phone is as good as having a laptop sidestepping the problem of lack of applications by unlocking the phone and placing hacked files on there
  • It is extremely hip and trendy making you the envy of all your friends. This phone has a large, beautiful, and bright screen-which is all the more surprising since it’s a touch-screen, which is usually less vivid. The screen measures 3.5 inches across, bigger than just about anything made for the hand
  • With the coming release of the iPhone 3 g process are bound to drop.
  • The phone comes with all the elements of a smart phone, including an address book, calendar, maps, notes, and, of course, E-mail.

Apple iPhone – An Incredible Device

Apple iPhone is an Internet enabled mobile phone with some really exciting features. This stunning handset comes with fantastic features like a digital sophisticated camera, portable media player, text messaging and visual voicemail. The sleek and elegant Apple iPhone is a useful smart-phone incorporating all the features you’d expect from a iPhone. The extremely user-friendly Apple iPhone has a built in camera that allows you to take pictures and record images.

The wide screen of your iphone allows you to watch download images and videos from the Internet. The attractive features of iPhone include call holding, caller ID, call merging and other iPhone functions. The Apple iphone can also be used as a music player or an iPod that allows you to select songs, download new music, make playlists, etc. The Apple iphone comes with a 4 GB or an 8 GB memory, an enhanced battery life and lots more features that make it a superb communication device.

The Apple iphone offers a touchscreen

The Apple iphone offers a touchscreen, comprehensive keypad and sharp graphics. Whether you want to watch movies, listen to music, take pictures and video, you can do it all with an Apple iPhone. Enjoy all the content like TV shows, movies, audio books, etc., on the touch control. The menu is really impressive, intuitive and user-friendly. The camera ensures excellent pictures with perfect quality and also allows you to share the pictures Apple iPhone 11 among your friends. This high-end gadget with beneficial features would appeal to techno crazy consumers.

Amazing features like web browsing, email and Wi-fi connectivity make this device highly usable. The convenient and easy to use touch-pad lets you make selections by just touching the screen. The iPhone incorporates all the standard mobile features of a mobile phone. This entertainment device is an iPod, a mobile phone and an internet gadget, making it an all-in-one device.


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